Composition & Production




TV and film

Original music composition and production for media and visual content.



Solo artist and Band

Providing assistance to artists creating original materials, and guidance through the process of album/live act production. Assuming responsibility for all artistic, technical, financial and scheduling matters.


» Empower your words.
Give a heartbeat to every image.
Your step to perfection. «

Since 2015 Mark has led a Berlin based production team specializing in original music composition and production for TV and Film.

Mark co-wrote and produced the theme song for the award winning TV serial ״Combat Medics״. The American version of the serial will be premiered by Paramount Pictures and directed by Ron Howard.

All music on this website has been composed, arranged and produced by


Mark wrote and produced songs that were played at a prime time TV and radio stations, aroused scandals on the national news and were quoted by magazines.

The Avihu - Pinhasov Rhythm Club is a revolutionary project that established a new cross-cultural, boundary-breaking sound in the Israeli Pop industry. Mark is one of the two founders, credited for songwriting and production.
The projects was signed by Helicon records (UNIVERSAL representer) and quite fast became a national sensation and one of the most selling live acts in the country.

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Mark's Story

Born in Baku, raised in Israel, lived in London in the past and based in Berlin at the present. Talented musician, composer and arranger gifted with sensitivity and aware of the artist needs. Approaches each project with a fresh vision.

Equipped with both formal education and life experience, he provides a unique creative experience, pushing boundaries of your own performance and sound, crafting your music with soul, style and attitude.

T +49 159 021 340 01 (Berlin)